Missing Flatbush

Missing Flatbush when its been three days now since I moved to my new place means that it was more than a place to live for me.My first day in The Upper East Side, I went to the Food Emporium supermarket. Broccoli, tomatoes, cucumber, bananas and a couple of fruits more cost $50. Last week, in my small vegetable store in Flatbush, a similar buy was $20. There is a big difference in prices.

This big difference is more than the cheap price of food. I’m missing seeing how people dress and what people eat because in Flatbush, there are immigrants from the Caribbean, mostly from Haiti and Jamaica, from India, and from African countries like Ghana or Nigeria. So, when I am on the street I find clothing stores and restaurants which are strange and new for me. I love to learn about that.

I missed the food prices from Flatbush last Saturday. Today, I’m missing the colorful, funny and strange stores and restaurants but I really will miss the people.

My roommate Melody is from Jamaica. She always calls me: «Baby», «How you doing?, baby». With this sweet word she makes me feel safe. My friend Ely from Senegal, who works at the Laundromat, Iused to spend two or three hours talking about politics, religion, sex and drugs. While washing-machines and dryers were turning round, we were laughing and arguing about all of those subjects. Many days, used to go back home with my big black and blue backpack full of clean clothes at 3 a. m.

And I don’t know how I can explain how much I miss him and I’ll miss Eder. Even though Eder and I are completely different, we created something between us that was very special. He used to wake me up to go to the gym in the early mornings. We used to walk around Flatbush late at night. The great thing is he makes me smile all the time. On Sunday, I left him behind the black bars at the Newrick Av Subway Station while my number 2 train started to move to the city. It’s going to be hard to forget Melody, Ely and Eder.

It’s going to be hard being far from Flatbush, my neighborhood.


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